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GBC Italia Home

The first short version (“for evaluation purposes”) of the new GBC Italy Home protocol, which contains the guidelines for “design, build and restore residential buildings”, is now available for download on GBC Italia web site.

In Italy, where it represents a primary asset for the population, as well as a real and symbolic value, a house can be considered a preferential place and tool to spread the culture of sustainability, with the direct application of concepts such as energy conservation, water management, quality of the indoor environment, healthiness, sustainable materials, comfort  and connection with the territory.

After making a version of the 2009 New Construction and Renovations LEED Protocol for the national market, the undertaking of GBC Italia has been to produce a new tool addressed to the residential market.

On the basis of the American LEED ® for Homes Protocol, the document has been redrafted taking into consideration the Italian building peculiarities and construction models.


Copyright: GBC Italia

EU Climate Policy Tracker 2011 presented in Bruxelles

Bruxelles: “The EU Climate Policy Tracker (EU CPT – 2011, a newly updated and revised version of the 2010 study, reveals that despite improvements by nine Member States over the past year, some have achieved a worse score than last year.” “The average scoring remains low, warning that EU climate and energy policy is failing to put the EU on a course to 2050 decarbonisation.”

Why a Green Economy?

Does a economic development model exists where the three parameters society, health and environment have the same weight? Since a few years, energy and climate sustainability have become an integral part of global discussion about the future of our planet. Energy supply has always been a key element for every country’s government, as well as for any single person. But today people do have a different and higher understanding of the convenience of a sustainable development. The recent environmental disasters in the Mexican Gulf and in Fukushima had an impact on the development of global policies.

It’s from those basis that the green economy has started, an economy aware of environmental impact, which reduces wastes, rather than generating them, and reduces the consumption of non renewable resources, giving the right price to externalities. A low carbon economy, based on renewable energy, caring of social needs.

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Enjoy your Green Economy!