Renewable Energy Plants

After having found and ranked relevant energy efficiency measures through the energy audit and having implemented them, you will probably have reduced your  energy consumption significantly. A next step that could reduce your costs even further could be to produce the necessary energy by means of renewable energy sources.

MR Energy can support you in this step, fundamental for the reduction of emissions, through a complete service from the feasibility study, preliminary and definitive design, of your Renewable Energy Plants, such as:

  • solar thermal plants;
  • photovoltaic plants;
  • micro and mini hydro;
  • geo-thermal;
  • mini-wind power plants.

As in the case of Energy Efficiency Projects, the synergy with consulting activities will allow you to reach your sustainability targets optimizing the plant design phase with the legislative framework understanding, permitting activities, preparation of documentation to obtain incentives, and finally by helping you to choose the financing instrument much closer to your financial strategy.