Policy Development

MR Energy supports private and public entities in developing sustainability and energy policies.

The Policy development activity relates with the in depth analysis of the existing practices and procedures by which companies, people and more in general all energy consumers and GreenHouse gases emitters act in their standard activities, and the consequent definition and implementation of change processes that lead to an improvement of the ‘system’ performances.

MR Energy can support you through specific activities such as:

  • comaparative studies aimed at determining international best practices;
  • review of organizational structures and operating procedures;
  • definition and implementation of specific training projects;
  • evaluation of the environamental, economical and social impact of the introduction of new policies.

In case of a Private entity, the adoption of new Policies often matches with the adoption of ‘certifyable’ Management Schemes as it is, for instance, the ISO 50001 Energy Management Scheme.