Monitoring & Control Systems

Energy waste is often generated by a lack of knowledge about the actual energy consumption and its time profile. Monitoring is key in any good energy management system, as well as the correct analysis of gathered data.

Another important cause of inefficiencies is the common practice of the need of a manual regulation, whereas an automatic control system could result in important savings.

MR Energy Systems is the founder of a Platform called Energy Response.

Energy Response is composed by a system of field meters / sensors / actuators in communication with a web-based control and analisys layer.

Through Energy Response, MR Energy can assist you in defining, desining and delivering a fully integrated energy efficiency service:

  • Opportunity scan (see also energy audit)
  • Design and realization of the monitoring and control systems
  • Consulting and training for your technicians and end users
  • Data management and analysis
  • Energy dynamic symulation
  • Reporting and decisional support
  • Design of the Energy Saving projects
  • Permitting, fiscal incentives and white certificates
  • LEED or other environmental rating systems certification

A good monitoring system can add up to 3 credits to your LEED® certification, as of section EA.5.