The first short version (“for evaluation purposes”) of the new GBC Italy Home protocol, which contains the guidelines for “design, build and restore residential buildings”, is now available for download on GBC Italia web site.

In Italy, where it represents a primary asset for the population, as well as a real and symbolic value, a house can be considered a preferential place and tool to spread the culture of sustainability, with the direct application of concepts such as energy conservation, water management, quality of the indoor environment, healthiness, sustainable materials, comfort  and connection with the territory.

After making a version of the 2009 New Construction and Renovations LEED Protocol for the national market, the undertaking of GBC Italia has been to produce a new tool addressed to the residential market.

On the basis of the American LEED ® for Homes Protocol, the document has been redrafted taking into consideration the Italian building peculiarities and construction models.


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