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New Executive Board for GBC Italia

The 20th of January 2012. the Steering Committee (Council) of GBC Italia appointed three new members of the Executive Board. The function of the Executive Board is “to develop the plan of activities and the related budget in order to actuate the strategic plan decided by the steering committee” (statute art.18). President Mario Zoccatelli and Vice-President Marco Mari will therefore be supported by three other members of the Council: Francesco Bedeschi, Gianluca Padula and Mauro Roglieri.

Sustainability as a strategic asset


Emissions Trading

‘Zero impact’ does not exist. Human activities have always had an impact on the environment, since they involve the consumption of resources and energy. Over the centuries, industrial and technological development have dramatically improved our living standard and guaranteed us health, well being, protection from extreme events, food supply and boundless mobility. At which price. Our impact on the environment and climate has increased more and more, reaching today a level which is not sustainable anymore for our planet.

Policy Development

Governments around the world agree that there is an urgent need of a change in this trend. Many policies have been developed at national, European or international level aiming at the broad adoption of best practices which make our activities more sustainable.
Change is not easy though, because it requires us  to change our habits as producers and as consumers too. But we need to act, and we need to do it quickly.

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Workshop, Bruxelles, January 9th, 2012

Green Building Council (GBC) Italia, always engaged in actions to promote the consensus on green building issues, attended the workshop held in Brussels on January 9th, 2012 in the framework of the implementation activities of the European Directive on Energy Performance of Buildings (Directive 2010/31/EU, EPBD recast). The purpose of the workshop was the presentation by DG Energy to the business stakeholders of the progress in the definition of a “voluntary common EU certification scheme for energy performance of non-residential buildings”. Mauro Roglieri, member of the GBC Italia board, represented the interests and the contribution of the association.