Published in September 2011, the Guidelines on Carbon Management for Italian Universities are one of the main results of a project funded by the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea, as part of the Carbon Management Policy for the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

The project idea is that higher education institutions can take a leader position in turning sustainability into action by stimulating sustainable processes, practices and behaviors to be applied both in their field and to the whole community.

An effective policy on carbon management within a college allows to reduce the emissions of a large real estate assets, to contract the energy consumption and costs, and thus to improve the economic balance of the universities, with the opportunity to invest differently any saving.
It also has a significant educational relapse on students, who can endorse the concepts related to energy and environmental sustainability at first by experiencing them directly during their university years, and then offering them in the professional roles they will play in companies or public bodies.

Through its previous experience in Thetis SpA, Mauro Roglieri, among the main authors of the paper, has contributed to the project ideation working in team with engineers of the Ministry for the Environment and Project Managers of the Ca’ Foscari University.