Venice, 8th July 2014

MR Energy Academy, the training and educational platform created by MR Energy Systems to offer online specialized courses and other training activities for professionals operating in energy and environmental sustainability field, is now on-line!


The platform presents a wide collection of materials, cataloged in a virtual ‘shelf‘ and commented by our team of experts. The collection includes briefs, publications, links to videos and free courses provided by no-profit institutions (CPI, ENEA, Fire, CMCC ect.), researchers, university professors and leaders of the green economy, addressing several issue of climate change, energy management, carbon management and sustainable economic development.

Parallel to free access contents, helpful to understand and know the main dynamics at the base of green economy, MR Energy Academy offers to its students a package of courses and workshops, developed by MR Energy in collaboration with outstanding international partners. Courses are directed to everyone who wants to learn and deepen concepts, methodologies, policies and tools to pursue a sustainable transformation of the economy. The first course fully transposed in the Italian language, developed by MR Energy in cooperation with the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, (201 Reporting of corporate greenhouse gas emissions), teaches how to report and manage greenhouse gas emissions, from regulatory compliance (the basics of the EU and other Emissions Trading System) to the adoption of voluntary programs (carbon footprinting, Carbon Disclosure Project, etc.) in order to consider GreenHouse Gases emissions in their organizational strategies and management procedures. The course is delivered through an e-learning platform, and requires an effort of approximately 16 hours of remote self-training.

Other online courses belonging to carbon and energy management field, for the moment offered in English, are managed directly through the GHGMI platform, with the support of the italian / english speaking MR Energy’s tutors. The platform also promotes workshops, with standard format and basic contents that can be customized to individual needs. The workshops are articulated in live lectures and practices conducted by sector experts at MR Energy’s or Client’s premises.

MR Energy Academy will be launched officially the 10th of July, at 2.30 p.m. during the Digital Venice week, at Telecom Italia Future Center, in Venice.