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High Efficiency CHP

The deadline to present the requests for the  ‘High Efficiency CHP‘ certification (riconoscimento CAR) has been postponed to the 30th of April. The requests need to be presented through the new RICOGE portal of GSE.
CAR certification, introduced by decree law 8 february 2007, n.20 (transposition of Directive 2004/8/CE on promotion of co-generation of heat and [...]

GBC Home at Smart City

[ 5 March 2012; 11:00; ] A great success for the presentation of GBC Home in Trento, with more than 200 people attending the conference and the presentation of the pilot cases, seven front-running projects which are adopting the new protocol as a ‘sustainability quality certification’.

The launch of GBC Home captured the attention of the important media Radio24 and the program [...]

MR Energy now member of GBC Italia

[ 2 March 2012; ]

With the formal approval of the Steering Committee during its meeting of March 2nd 2012, MR Energy has become an official member of GBC Italia, in the category “Utilities, ESCOs, and energy companies”.

Becoming part of the National Association confirms a strategy which started already one year ago:
“The efforts are surely paid back by the great [...]

Launch of GBC Italia Home

[ 6 March 2012; ] 6th of March, in Ternto, the offical launch of GBC Italia Home, a step forward in the sustainability of residential buildings. We really hope it will become a tool for Municipalities to build ‘SMART’ building regulations, and for citizens who can finally measure the real sustainability of their propoerties. Take a look!

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